During the First World War, the diplomatic representatives of the neutral countries of the Netherlands, Spain and (until 1917) the United States in Brussels helped to organise the distribution of food in German-occupied Belgium. In doing so, they saved the population from starvation.

Out of gratitude, the Parliament had their busts sculpted. They were given a place near the hemicycle of the Senate.

Le marquis de Villalobar par Godefroid Devreese
The Spanish Marquis de Villalobar
(1864-1926), bust by
Godefroid Devreese (1861-1941)
Brand Whitlock par Égide Rombaux
The American Brand Whitlock
(1869-1934), bust by
Égide Rombaux (1865-1942)
Maurits van Vollenhoven par Godefroid Devreese
The Dutchman Maurits van Vollenhoven
(1882-1976), bust by
Godefroid Devreese (1861-1941)